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Name AppValley
Version Stable Release 2020
File Size 10KB
Latest Release June 2020
Supported OS iOS
Proprietary (AppValley Web), AGPLv3 (AppValley Companion)
Developer AppValley LLC


About AppValley

When we talk about iOS, you have to understand the fact that there is a lot of costs involved in it. If anything goes haywire any day of the week, you will have to pay a great sum for it which you might not even be able to afford. The same is the case with the downloading of applications on iOS. With Android OS, you will see the maximum number of free apps and there is barely any of it. The contrary is the case with applications made for the iPhone. This is a serious problem because you never want to spend too much just on the apps on your system, thankfully, there are solutions for it too. 

Appvalley is a one-touch solution in the case of such applications. It is an app store where you can download applications for free, even those of them which are paid. The application was initially released back in 2017 and as you would expect, it is meant specifically for iOS and to save the day for those of them who do not want to waste their money in buying applications. Although over the past years, it has been developed for Android OS as well. 

AppValley download for ios

Cydia is one of the platforms where you will find Appvalley comfortably also. If you wanna go step by step, you need to look into the following instructions:

  1. Go to Cydia, you will find the download link very easily by searching for it. 
  2. Click on the download link that is available there.
  3. When you go to the download option in your browser, you will be able to see the download in progress. 
  4. Once the download finished, you can look to use the app 

This is very simple as you would expect it to be as well. But you have to be careful about the platform that you use to attain the download link because there are many fraudulent links available there. 

Features: AppValley App

There are a bunch of features that this application comes up with, some of them are as follows:- 

  1. You do not have to necessarily jailbreak your phone to get this platform. 
  2. This application works in all the versions of iOS from iOS 7 and beyond.
  3. It is very safe and reliable as well since you do not have to suffer from the problem of legality of it. 
  4. If you want to get unlocked games through an app store, this one is for you for sure. 
  5. Those apps which were supposed to be having more attributes are also available through Appvalley. 

These are some of the major features of Appvalley and this platform is surely unique in its rights. Because it is very easy to use, almost anyone can afford to run it and you do not have to be some technical genius to get access. You just have to make sure that you do not use the application for some wrong or illegal apps which is condemned by the developers of the platform too! 

How to install AppValley on iPhone and iPad

There’s not much that you have to think about when it comes to the installation process. You have to download the application from a trusted website and once that is done, you need to go to the location of the downloaded file. Afterward, you can look to install Appvalley by providing it all the permissions that it needs to run on your device. Once you are done installing it, you will see the icon of the app on your home screen. Every-time you need to download a paid application without really having to pay any money on it, you can click on the icon and search for the application on Appvalley. 


Q.1: What is the purpose of Appvalley?

It is meant to be an app store especially for iPhone operating systems but the main objective of this app is to provide paid applications free of cost to the users which it has done effectively too over its use.

Q.2: Is Appvalley only available for the iPhone operating system?

As of yet, it is not available for any other operating system but you can download the platform on your Android device if you have rooted the phone. Rooting your device can do the wonders for you.

Q.3: Is jailbreak essential to get access to Appvalley?

No, that’s the benefit you get with a platform like Appvalley. You are not required to do jailbreaking to use the application. You can do without it and the access to Appvalley is quite easy for you for sure.

Q.4: Are you required to pay to download Appvalley?

Appvalley is completely free of cost. This is the main purpose of this application as well, to provide free access to various other platforms and not just Appvalley itself.

Q.5: Does it lag while downloading applications through Appvalley?

No, it does not lag while downloading applications through Appvalley. You will be able to download the applications at a much faster rate in comparison to other app stores.

Q.6: Where can Appvalley be downloaded?

The most common platform used to download Appvalley has to be Cydia. Otherwise, there’s an official website for Appvalley where the link is easily available for you.

Conclusion: AppValley Download for iOS

Appvalley has to be a blessing in disguise for a maximum number of iOS users. The thing is, no one wants to spend their money for no real reason, at least not for downloading applications. Appvalley saves the day for you in all those circumstances. Apart from providing free apps to the users, it also downloads the same at a much better speed than the other app stores for iPhones. But most importantly, you will get the applications that are not fake and truly real. It might be a problem with many other app stores but not the same as Appvalley. So in case you are already impressed with its features, just go to its official website or Cydia to download this amazing platform! 

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