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Name vshare
Version Latest
File Size 19KB (iOS), 2.8MB (Android)
Latest Release 2020
Supported OS iOS, Android, Windows
License Freeware
Developer vshare


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Note: vShare is currently experiencing issues. The button below links to TuTuApp which is a great alternative.


About vshare

vShare is among the most prominent and recognized app stores that assist in downloading various apps and games on your mobile devices, without JailBreak on iOS.

After you have downloaded the app successfully on your Android or iOS device, you need to use it for downloading the games or other apps. The app will be opened when you click on the icon on the screen. From your favorite category, you need to choose from the apps or games that are available, the instructions will be provided as to how you download the app, follow the guidelines. Once you have downloaded the app, you may begin to worry about the safety of the app. The app is 100% safe, the contents are without hazards for unsafe changes. There is built-in SSL encryption by which the app is protected.

Features of vShare

  • App Library: It provides numerous popular Apps from iOS and Android apps and games.
  • Compatibility: It exclusively supports all firmware editions and also iOS devices.
  • Exclusive Apps: Free games and exclusive apps include movie streaming apps, game emulators, screen recorders, and Tweaks for Android and iOS.
  • Regular Updates: Regular updates involve testing reliability. The app developers play a major role in keeping an eye on the app to see that there are no major issues about this.
  • User Friendly: This is one of the simplest and easiest app installers that users can make use of.
  • Security: The regular updates make sure that the downloads are virus-free, install the updates when they are released to keep the downloads safe.

The new iOS 13 gives many latest features, which make this app installer unique. Many thousands of games and apps are available at the app store and you are going to lose them if you are not installing them. Get to know the unique features of the VShare app.

vshare app

How to install the vShare app

By following these strategies for downloading vShare on your devices without using jailbreak. Certain mistakes need to be rectified which appeared during the installation method which used the non-jailbroken equipment. Method to install or download the VShare app.

  1. Download the vShare Config File from the link given above.
  2. When the downloading is done, you will see a message that says wants to install vShare pop up.
  3. Click on the “Install” button and pause until the downloading or installation is completed.
  4. As the installation is finished, a vShare icon on the home screen becomes visible on your mobile device. If you want to open it, a message which says, you cannot open it as a result of Untrusted Enterprise Developer that is why you prefer to trust the developer’s profile.
  5. Click on the cancel tab of the window and go to the settings, from settings you need to go to the general and from there to the Profiles & Device Management.
  6. You need to find the profile with a message that you received earlier.
  7. When the selection has been completed, select or click on the Trust tab twice.
  8. Go to the home screen to open the vShare. When you shift from the untrusted to the trusted alternative, the vShare will be opened.
  9. If the message Unable to Download the App pops up, click on Done and patiently wait. The message may be the result of more traffic at the service. Repeat the same step after a few minutes.
  10. If it still fails to operate, click on the Retry button.
  11. If it doesn’t work, uninstall the vShare app and start the same above-said method.

Download vShare for Android

vshare apk


vShare for Android is available to download, another mobile app store in iOS programs and Android devices. vShare permits users to download and relish the various apps and games that they would love to download on their electronic devices. vShare consists of several games and apps which can be beneficial. On this platform, you can find premium apps for free, These apps can be used for various educational and promotional purposes. vShare has certain apps and games which are not usable in the established Play Store market like media apps and entertainment apps. You will be able to admire the premium apps for free and enjoy their benefits when you download them to your Android device. It’s a great app that is suitable for many games and apps that provide additional information to users.

Installing vShare APK to your Android device

You can download the vShare to your Android device using a package file known as APK. Using the download button, you will be able to download the APK file. You can dismiss the security alert that you will receive after you have downloaded it, just press the ok button. The device contains your file, you can access it in your Download folder, all that you need to do is double-click on it.

By using Chrome, choose the correct setting and allow the source option, if it’s not found you can install vShare APK. The app will start to download, wait for the vShare Android app to be launched on your device, and enjoy using the app.

vshare apk for android

The features of the vShare APK

vShare app gives several advantages, the features of the Android vShare app for its users include:

  • It is the best choice as an alternative in the Android Market
  • Additional 2 million outstanding quality Android Games and Apps
  • Skilled advice for playing the games and using the apps
  • You will be and to discover new games and Apps
  • There is no need to Sign up
  • It is user-friendly, smart, and Fast
  • You can use the following methods to install the vShare application on your device
  • The capacity to download any of the game or iOS app
  • To use this app, there is absolutely no need to register with the app
  • It can be used to get an overall picture of how much business Android developers will get by using this app
  • It is a trial before you can buy it. If you are happy about the app, you can think about purchasing this app using the official media to assist the developer
  • You can download many games, apps, wallpapers, ringtone themes, and much more by using this app

How to make use of vShare Android

It is very simple to use vShare for downloading games and apps. For unofficial games and apps, vShare is the best original app that you can install for Android devices. It is a terrific app. If you notice that the app is not working, you can go for an alternative. First, you need to open the app and select the kind of games, ringtones, apps, wallpapers, etc that you need. When you have finished selecting the app which you want to download, click on it to begin downloading. It will take a few minutes to download, then the app will be installed. Android users can make use of the Android App Market.

vShare Helper: Download vShare for PC

vshare helper download


Get vShare Helper for PC for your Windows device.  One of the best apps used globally is the vShare for personal computers. This application made possible the free download of various games and apps that were made available for the users. After this application has been launched, many of the users are using this app for instant video streaming. Did you know that the vShare app was initially made accessible only for Android and Apple appliances and not for laptops or personal computers?  But by using an Emulator, it is possible to use it on laptops as well as computers. Emulators assist computers to make them portable using different operating systems. One such Android Emulator is the BlueStacks emulator which is free of cost that can be found online.

You can even download vShare for your personal computer using the Bluestacks, for that, you need to install the Bluestack emulator. vShare allows you to download and install various games and paid apps without charges in multiple outlets. This is the most prominent application on the earth for downloading games and apps cost-free. Let’s discuss the vShare app to use on your personal computer. If you install it on your computer you will be able to download numerous apps and games that can be used on your computer and other electronic gadgets. Know the details, and the guidelines to download and install vShare for your computer.

Features of vShare Helper

The features of vShare include the tools that can help you to install vShare

  • You can download the apps or the games, reboot the iOS, and even uninstall the games or apps.
  • Manage your different media files like movies, music, eBooks, ringtones, etc.
  • There is also the download manager, rebuild the factory options, system update option, jailbreak, etc.
  • In the vShare tool area, the data can be copied to an Apple device or another new folder, either restart or shut down the Apple device and get the details related to the iPhone.
  • This feature works on Mac computers and windows
  • With this app, you can install many games, themes, ringtones, etc.
  • It assists in backing up your files
  • Helps to transfer the music straight to your Music app

You will be able to access the harelip, which is an unofficial store. They will provide games and free apps that you can download promptly to your Apple appliance. It is possible to store vShare, get it downloaded and installed. If you have already installed the vShare app and if it has stopped working, the vShare Helper will come to your assistance to solve the issue. After you have downloaded it, you can link the iPhone to the app and choose the vShare device. You will notice the new feature with the remedies, click on it, vShare will do the needful.

vshare helper for pc and mac

Steps to install the vShare Helper

  • The first step is to make sure that the new edition of iTunes is installed on your computer device so that the vShare will work appropriately.
  • Open the browser on the computer and follow the link to download the vShare Helper. The Mac users must develop a basic Windows computer. They can use Boot Camp or VirtualBox if they wish to download the vShare Helper on Mac.
  • After you download the vShare Helper app, you should open the application. You will notice that the app will be installed on your computer.


Do I have to Jailbreak my iPhone for vShare?

No, as mentioned, vShare is a non-jailbreak application.

Is vShare illegal?

No, there is nothing illegal about vShare.

Is vShare a virus?

No, it’s not. But since it’s a third-party application, your device may raise a warning for the same.

Conclusion: vShare Download for iOS, Android, and PC

vShare app assists large devices like iOS versions and also provides access to many games and free apps, vShare comes with a paid version which is very simple to download. For those who cannot update the version, vShare is helpful to provide Cydia. It is the most popular feature-packed app store which provides games and other third-party apps. VShare has the option to match all its users and the benefits are immense.