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Tweakbox is currently not working as their certificate has been revoked by Apple. You can try iOS and Android alternatives below:

Tweakbox iOS Alternative: AppValley

Tweakbox Android Alternative: PandaHelper


About TweakBox

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Tweakbox happens to be one of the app stores providing free apps and services to iPhone and Android users. Although it is meant for different operating systems, Tweakbox works the best in the favour of the iPhone operating system. It means that it is the alternative to the usual iPhone app store. The best thing about Tweakbox is that even if you are using it for Android, you are not required to root your system. You can do without it and still get the range of which you would not have been able to possess if you went for some normal app store. 

Tweakbox is most suited for gamers. You will get the hacked version of the games. Sometimes some of these require you to pay to get the premium version of the software and you wouldn’t want to spend your money at all. Platforms like these are very important to be launched in this day and age. People like to stay upfront with technology and new things in the marketplace. Some of the modifications in themes and plugins can be downloaded and installed through Tweakbox very comfortably. It is possibly the safest unofficial app store which will also provide you paid apps for free. 

Features of Tweakbox

There are some qualities in Tweakbox which makes it different from other platforms. Some of these features are as follows:- 

  1. There are thousands and thousands of apps which you do not get on the regular app stores. The reason behind it can be the fact that these app stores condemn the use of such apps. Tweakbox includes all of those applications which can be installed easily, those of them which cannot be found on other platforms. 
  2. A third-party play store that is completely free, that’s the best way to describe Tweakbox. Most of the applications that you get here wouldn’t require you to pay a penny. 
  3. Tweakbox is also very much reliable as it includes applications that are not spam or illegal. It verifies the sources of the application and only then decides whether to keep it on the platform or not. 
  4. Tweakbox is very much secure as well. It keeps focusing on keeping the security very tight. There are regular checks on the applications and if at any point they feel insecure about any one of the, it is completely terminated. 
  5. If you are an app developer, it brings a high level of traffic to your apps. Most of the traffic brought would be very quality and inexpensive. It is a great platform for the new and the ones making them. 

How to install Tweakbox on your device

Once you have completed the download process, you are required to go to the location of the apk. When you click on it, you will be directed and asked to command for the install. When you click on install, you will have to provide the passcode of your iPhone. Once the installation process is completed, the Tweakbox icon will drop on the home screen. In the case of the Android operating system, you need to go to the settings. You will be required to go to “Allow installation from unknown sources”. Unless you do so, your system won’t allow the installation of Tweakbox. These are some of the things you need to take into account and it is pretty simple. You are not required to the mailbox or root your phone to install it which makes it even easier. 


Q.1 How is Tweakbox different from other unofficial app stores? 

There are two main advantages for Tweakbox over other unofficial app stores. One, it does not require you to jailbreak your device to install Tweakbox. Two, it can work both for iPhones as well as Androids. 

Q.2: Is Tweakbox free? 

Yes, Tweakbox is a  tool for iOS as well as Android OS. Some of the apps on this platform might require you to pay some money but otherwise, there’s not much of a cost that you will be required to bear. 

Q.3: Does it require you to root your Android phone to run Tweakbox? 

You are not necessarily required to root your phone. While other such platforms might want you to jailbreak or root your phone, Tweakbox is much more unique and can work without it. You just download the application from its official website and that’s about it. 

Q.4: Is the installation process of Tweakbox difficult? 

The download and installation process of Tweakbox is as easy as it can get. If you still find it difficult to install Tweakbox, you can go to the official website and get the step-by-step guide which will clear all your doubts. 

Q.5: Can I get hacked games through Tweakbox? 

If you are looking for a hacked version of games that you love, there’s no better and more suited platform than Tweakbox. There are many hacked versions of the same game and you can look to download it according to your desire. 

Conclusion: Tweakbox for iOS and Android

Since downloading paid applications for free through package managers which are unofficial has become a norm, Tweakbox comes with its own variety of features. The fact that it is so easy to install and use just makes it a top contender for the app store you should look to download. Since it can work for both iOS as well as Android OS, it has a wider reach too. So don’t look any further, sign up to the official website of Tweakbox and get the software! 

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