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Name Pangu
Version Windows: 34.14 MiB [EXE] OS X: 31.14 MiB [DMG]
File Size 49.8MB
Stable Release Windows: 1.2.1 / 9 Aug 2014
OS X: 1.2.0 / 11 Aug 2014
Supported OS Windows / OS X
Developer Pangu Team


Pangu Jailbreak

Pangu is the latest jailbreak tool that allows its users to jailbreak their devices on demand. It works only on 64-bit devices, to begin with, and is best suited for iOS 9.2 to 9.3.3. The users can jailbreak their devices with all ease by going to the click-to-jailbreak app. In case you want to remove the jailbreak and get to normal with your phone, all it requires is a simple reboot and your task will be accomplished. There are certain changes in the model of Pangu over a period of time. You should be cautious with the tweaks that you look to download since there is a certain amount of them which might not be safe to use under Pangu. 

This tool has been tested on all compatible devices. There’s no real threat in the jailbreak process but you should be looking to fully backup your iOS phone. In the process, you might even receive a warning that your storage is almost full. You don’t have to worry about deleting a certain amount of data in order to get extra storage, you can easily avoid this warning. There are certain senior security researchers who have worked on the platform time and again. The updates have been provided whenever there’s a demand for them from the users. Team Pangu has been really proactive which allows you to take all the benefits as you are met with the latest bunch of features require in a jailbreak tool! 

pangu jailbreak

Pangu works only on 64-bit devices so you have to make sure that and also if you are using any of iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad touch 5G, iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4, you should not be downloading Pangu since it doesn’t work on any of them. Otherwise, you can download it on any device from iOS 9.3.3 or lower. 

Note: You can refer to the official guide here.

How to install and use Cydia

  1. You will be required to have a computer for the task. You should be using iCloud or iTunes so that you can backup the entire information crisply.
  2. You should make sure that you are not using any antivirus on your system. Once the precautions have been taken, you need to connect your computer with your iPhone.
  3. You should be disabling the passcode in the process as well. After this, you need to launch the Pangu 9 application.
  4. Pangu will take some time in order to detect your device. Once the process reaches 55{805e3f744533b960fd89e37f051ef7e1cc7c91d9ae2f22fb077a39242500df19}, it will automatically reboot your phone. At about 65{805e3f744533b960fd89e37f051ef7e1cc7c91d9ae2f22fb077a39242500df19}, it will demand you to enable the airplane mode.
  5. At 75{805e3f744533b960fd89e37f051ef7e1cc7c91d9ae2f22fb077a39242500df19} of the process, you will have to unlock your phone and open the app. You will be asked to allow and accept a few things and you need to give it a positive nod.
  6. As it reaches 100{805e3f744533b960fd89e37f051ef7e1cc7c91d9ae2f22fb077a39242500df19}, you will already know that your device is jailbroken. 


Q1: Are you required to reboot your device when the Pangu jailbreak is in the process?

When the process reaches 55{805e3f744533b960fd89e37f051ef7e1cc7c91d9ae2f22fb077a39242500df19}, you will definitely be required to reboot your phone. It is for a safe cause to give your mobile phone a fresh start with the jailbreak. 

Q2: Does Pangu jailbreak work on 32-bit devices as well or does it only work for 64-bit devices?

Pangu is made specifically for 64-bit devices. So in case you want to use an older version of iOS in order to jailbreak your phone through Pangu, it will not work at all. 

Q3: I am not able to find Pangu, how can I find the app?

There are times when Pangu would not appear on your home screen straightaway. In order to find the application, you need to search for it. It might have installed the WWDC app in the process and all you have to do is uninstall Pangu. 

Q4: What kind of jailbreak is Pangu and is it free?

It is an untethered jailbreak which is one of its kind and it is also absolutely free of cost as you don’t have to pay a single penny in order to get it done. 

Conclusion: Pangu Jailbreak for Cydia

Pangu is a great Jailbreak tool for 64-bit devices and is really secure as well. Download and install it right now and avail all of its benefits! 

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