Tachiyomi iOS Download Alternatives for iPhone & iPad (2024)

Download Tachiyomi For iOS Alternatives.

Do you love reading manga? For some people, it is a great way to pass their time. Some are so invested in the reading manga that they would take time out of their lives to make sure that they can read it. One of the digital platforms to do this job is Tachiyomi. It is highly used on Android devices and is packed with a solid bunch of benefits. Online reading from a variety of sources, local reading of downloaded content and categories to organize your library are some of the top features of this platform. The problem however is that it is not available for iOS devices. You will have to look for Tachiyomi alternatives if you want to read manga on your iPhone. 

Tachiyomi iOS Download

Tachiyomi iOS Download Alternatives

There’s no scarcity of options. We will discuss some of the top Tachiyomi alternatives for iOS devices here below: 

1. Mangastorm 

When we talk about Tachiyomi alternatives for iOS devices, Mangastorm is one of the top names on the list. It is so trusted because of several quality features it provides to its users. We will talk about some of those features here below: 

  • The best part about using Mangastorm is that it comes to you with an ad-free experience. Just like Tachiyomi, you can read comics without any interruption on this platform. 
  • You also have the chance to listen to music while reading on Mangastorm. It makes your reading experience that much more exciting and refined. 
  • By default, you can configure the app to create sub-groups with the same structure as the server for imported comics or specify a destination group.
  • Your reading progress on each comic is saved automatically. So if you leave a particular comic in between, you can revert to where you left it off the next time you read it. 

2. YACReader 

If you’re into comic reading and want to get a platform that can offer you plenty of scopes, YACReader should be an easy choice. It is one of the best alternatives to Tachiyomi and you will have a great time using it on your iOS device. It has plenty of great features to offer to you: 

  • It supports a wide variety of comic files and images. So if you’re a manga reader, you can use any given file and image here and the chances are high that it will support the file. 
  • You can configure your reading comfortably on this platform. Image rotation, double page mode, full-size view, full-screen mode and customizable background colour are some of its top features. 
  • It also offers image improvements. Think about an old comic that you used to love reading back in the day. With the image adjustments option available in the reading mode, you will deal with things comfortably. 
  • There’s a built-in search engine available here. You can think of any comic file or manga and search here. There are high chances that you will find it, thanks to the huge library of content available here. 

3. Paperback Manga Reader 

This one is another useful place for manga reading and works terrific as a Tachiyomi alternative for iOS devices. Here are some of its top features: 

  • It allows you to read manga, download, and track it automatically on tracking services such as Anilist or MyAnimeList.
  • You also get the option of a third-party plug-in here. With its assistance, you have the chance to add more content to the library. 
  • It is an ad-free experience when you use Paperback Manga Reader to read your favourite comic books. In other applications, you might get interrupted continuously while reading something. The same isn’t the case with this platform. 
  • The layout of Paperback Manga Reader is very user-friendly. It comes to you with a robust double-spread chapter reader for iPad. It is bound to make your reading experience very soothing and quality. 

4. ComicFlow

This is another platform that works supremely well if you desire to read comic books on your iOS device. It is one of the better Tachiyomi alternatives for iOS. Some of its highlight features are as given below: 

  • The interface of this platform is really solid. You will get used to this platform from the first time you start using it. The developers have made sure that people enjoy using it from the first time they open the platform. 
  • It can handle very large comic collections. With a database of over 1500 comics and dozens of GB, the platform has a huge scope to offer to you. The best part is that it doesn’t crash or become unusable over some time. 
  • While reading comic books, you can import more comics in the background. As we have already told you, the platform won’t crash and work smoothly, even if you’re doing multiple tasks on it. 
  • You don’t need to pre-process comic files before you can read them. So there’s no wastage of time and you can get straight to the reading thing. 

5. Sudoku

As the name suggests, it is specifically rooted to help you in reading manga. It boasts of multiple features and we will talk about some of them here below: 

  • The platform comes free of cost to you. It is an open-source manga reading application for iOS and iPadOS. This makes it one of the best Tachiyomi alternatives for iOS devices. 
  • The application is an ad-free experience. So you can enjoy your reading experience uninterruptedly. 
  • It also provides the feature of download. So you can download your favourite comics and read them later in the offline mode. 
  • You also get the chance to do online reading through external sources. It is only going to increase the scope of the application over some time. 

Conclusion: Tachiyomi for iOS Alternatives (2022)

These are a bunch of quality yet refined Tachiyomi alternatives for iOS devices. Tachiyomi is considered a fantastic platform to read comic books and manga but sadly it is not directly available for iOS. You don’t have to be worried as there are multiple alternatives available for you. We have talked about these platforms along with their features here. So choose the one that suits your choices the most based on its features! 

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