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Name Phœnix
Version v6
File Size 22.3MB
Stable Release 22 Mar 2021
Supported OS iOS
Developer @tihmstar
Max Bazaliy


Phoenix Jailbreak

Phoenix is a semi-untethered jailbreak. It works for all 32-bit devices. It works for iOS 9.3.5 running iPhone as well as iPad devices and iPod touch devices. There are certain applications that have been plain rejected by Apple. There are certain guidelines working around Apple and if some app comes in that category, you will not find it on the Apple play store. In order to download unofficial applications and app store on iOS 9.3.5, you will have to jailbreak your phone first. Phoenix is the tool that will help you out in order to do so. It works efficiently if it is a 32-bit device.

It is pretty straightforward and simple to use. You will get to know initially if it will support your iPhone, PC, or whatever device you want to jailbreak or not. It will download and install the Cydia application on your phone once you have completed the jailbreak process. There are some really awesome tweaks and efficient applications waiting for you, the use of which is going to be really useful for you at the same point in time. It hasn’t been updated time and again since it contains a lot of features already and its users don’t see the need for any change either in the first place. It is currently working on version 5.0.

phoenix jailbreak

You need to make sure that you download the latest IPA file of Phoenix jailbreak. You would also be required to download and install Cydia impactor on your PC at the same point in time. Phoenix is about 26 MB in size which is a big file for a jailbreak application. There are a large bunch of features and new technicalities covering Phoenix which makes it full of data and it automatically increases its size.

How to install and use Cydia

  1. You need to launch the Cydia Impactor on your computer. You have to swipe up the IPA file of Phoenix jailbreak.
  2. Your phone will immediately ask for your Apple ID and password, you need to instantly provide it. You need to go into the settings of your phone and click on Device and Profiles management.
  3. You have to search for the iOS ID and press the “trust” button.
  4. After this, you have to go to the Phoenix app and click on “Start for Jailbreak”. It will properly evaluate the compatibility of the application with your device.
  5. It will let you know immediately if your device will be able to support this jailbreak or not. Once the Jailbreak is done, you will see Cydia on your home screen.
  6. You can start using the application as it will be risk-free from that point on.


Q1: Is rooting an Android phone just like jailbreaking an iPhone?

The terms might be different and the procedure to get it done might also be contrasting but the objective is pretty much similar. Rooting your Android phone will also provide you with a number of applications that have been rejected by the Play Store due to its rules.

Q2: What type of jailbreak is Phoenix?

It is a semi-untethered jailbreak. It means that if at any point you reboot your phone, you will have to start the Jailbreak process since the word go.

Q3: When was Phoenix updated for the last time?

Phoenix was updated way back in July 2019 and ever since it is working on the very same version of the application without any updates. There has been no real need of updating the phone time and again.

Q4: What is the size of the Phoenix application?

It is more than a usual jailbreak tool. The size of Phoenix jailbreak is around 26 MB but with a healthy internet connection, it is just a matter of a few minutes.

Q5: Which version of iOS is Phoenix best suited for?

Phoenix is best suited for a specific iOS version which is iOS 9.3.5.

Conclusion: Phoenix Jailbreak for Cydia

Phoenix jailbreak is much different from other jailbreak tools. It is a semi-untethered jailbreak but it usually doesn’t waste a lot of your time in order to jailbreak your phone. So if you are using iOS 9.3.5, you should definitely download this really useful application!

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