Spotify++ IPA Download Premium Version (Official iOS App)

Download and install Spotify++ IPA Premium Version for your iOS Device!

Name Spotify++
Package IPA
iOS Version 7, 8, 9, 10, 11-11.3-11.4, 12, 13, 14, 15
App Version
Size 35 MB
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
Updated Nov 7. 2021


About Spotify++

Spotify can be described as one of the best platforms to stream music. It has got music from all around the globe which allows listeners to find their favorite artists comfortably. It’s not just the music, there’s so much more to offer on this application. First of all, it is very simple to use. You can get to Spotify right now and you will see how simple the user interface they have kept for all the users. The developers certainly want everyone to enjoy music on this platform irrespective of their age groups. Along with that, you can share your music experience with your friends comfortably. Most people want to share any good song they get to hear with folks who have got the similar kind of tastes. Spotify allows users to do so very comfortably. Besides, there are various podcasts to stream as well. Your favorite artists can feature in these podcasts which allow you to understand them better. 

download spotify++ ipa

While Spotify has several advantages, you will have to buy Spotify premium to tap into its most advanced features. If you keep using the basic version of the application, you might find a lot of things very irritating about this application. One of these problems is advertisements that keep popping up. The funny thing is, most of these ads will persuade you to spend your money to buy the premium version for a couple of months or even a year. What if you had a solution for it? What if you could stream music without getting interrupted by all these ads? Well, there’s an option available that will allow you to stream music with the most advanced features of Spotify and you wouldn’t be required to pay a dime for it. It is called Spotify++. 

If you want to enjoy Spotify Premium IPA for free on your iOS, you can download Spotify++ on your device. Uninterrupted music along with some amazing group sessions is going to make your listening experience soothing. We will dig deep down into Spotify++ by looking at the things that it has got to offer to its users. 

How To Download & Install Spotify++ IPA 

  1. The download process is quite simple. You have to look up a reputed website to get the job done. Remember, it’s not an official application. So you will have to be extra cautious regarding the source of the download. The only problem that can occur in this process is if you use an untrusted website to bring Spotify++ IPA to your device. 
  2. You can look to download the latest version of Spotify++ as it will offer you all the features that the platform has got to offer. 
  3. Once the download is done, the installation process is going to begin. Now if you’re already using Spotify, you will first have to uninstall it on your device. You have to enter the settings of your phone and clear all its data completely. If you’re going to use both applications at once, it might cause trouble for you. There are chances that Spotify++ doesn’t work on your phone at all. So make sure that you do the obvious. 
  4. Once you have cleared off all the data regarding the normal version of Spotify, the installation process will be executed smoothly. Now all you have to do is run the application on your phone and enjoy uninterrupted music. 

To make the download and installation smoother, you can take the help of Cydia Impactor. Here’s how you can do it:- 

  1. First, download Cydia Impactor on your PC. There’s an official website of Cydia Impactor and you can download the latest version of the app to your device. 
  2. In the meantime, download Spotify++ on your iPhone. 
  3. Once you’re done downloading both applications, you should connect your phone to the computer. 
  4. Open Cydia Impactor on your PC and drag and drop Spotify++ to it. 
  5. You will be asked to give details regarding your Apple Credentials. Enter your Apple ID and password to proceed further in the process. 
  6. Spotify++ will start installing on your device. Once the installation is done, you can disconnect your device from the computer. 

Now it’s ready to be used on your phone. Using Cydia Impactor to download and install Spotify++ to your phone will make the whole process much safer and secure. 

Features Of Spotify++ 

  1. One of the major advantages of using Spotify++ is that it is going to make all the premium features available to you. One of the major features is the fact that you get to have an offline playback. So you can download music and listen to it without turning on the data of your device. 
  2. All the advertisements get removed completely. You might have seen how the normal version of Spotify will be flurried with advertisements time and again. It is almost like you’re listening to advertisements far more than the actual music. After every couple of songs, the platform will drop continuous advertisements which is sure to get on your nerves. You don’t have to buy the premium version to get rid of this issue. All you have to do is download Spotify++ to your system. 
  3. The music and videos can be played in full HD mode. As far as your listening experience goes, you want to make it as quality as it can ever get. But can you do so on the normal version of Spotify? To be fair, it wouldn’t be available in the highest quality. Spotify++ will allow you to notch up the quality of your music experience. 
  4. You can skip an unlimited number of tracks. So there’s always the problem of skipping some songs and then the advertisement drops to interrupt you. You have to go back to the search option and look for a particular song manually. When you’re busy doing your work, you would like to avoid all these little things. Spotify++ makes sure that you get that chance. 
  5. You can import music from your internal storage on Spotify++. This is a unique feature that would allow you to listen to your favorite offline tracks on a quality music app. When you use the standard application on your device to do so, the features might be limited. But with Spotify++, you can add all sorts of features to make things better on your device. 
  6. Spotify++ is completely free. Now when you buy Spotify premium, you may get all these features comfortably. But the only problem is that you will be required to pay money for it on a rapid basis. It’s not like paying a little sum would make you a permanent member of Spotify premium. You will have to buy that membership continuously over some time. How about you download Spotify++ and save yourself from such trouble? 
  7. You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone to download and install Spotify++ to your device. A lot of modded applications would generally require you to jailbreak your phone. The whole process can take a lot of time and you would much rather consider buying the membership than jailbreaking your iPhone. Since it is considered risky, you will always be in trouble once your device is jailbroken. Spotify++ saves you from all such troubles thus making things quite simple to you. 
  8. It is compatible with iOS 15, the latest version of the operating system. Usually, the modded applications require you to use an older version of the iPhone operating system. Spotify++ is going to work regardless of the operating system you’re using on your device. 


Q1: What are the advantages of using Spotify++ on an iPhone? 

You get all the premium features of Spotify on your device without paying for it. You can stream music without any interference and it will also allow you to join all sorts of group sessions on Spotify, as is the case with Spotify premium. 

Q2: Will it be safe to use Spotify++ on my iPhone? 

Yes, it will be completely safe to use Spotify++ on your iPhone. You don’t have to jailbreak your device to download Spotify++ which is enough to state that this application is safe to use. 

Q3: Do I have to use Cydia Impactor to install Spotify++ on my iPhone? 

You have the chance to download and install Spotify++ without using Cydia Impactor as well. The only problem is that such a method wouldn’t be considered safe. With Cydia Impactor, you can be assured that the download process is carried forward safely. 

Q4: Will Spotify++ offer the best quality of music? 

Yes, it will offer you the audios and videos in the best quality imaginable. The videos are going to be available in HD quality thus enhancing your listening experience to a great extent. 


Spotify++ IPA is going to allow you to get a complete listening experience on your iPhone. When you use the normal version of Spotify, there are many things left untapped. To get all such features, you have to buy the premium version of Spotify. If you download Spotify++ IPA to your phone, you can get all the advanced features free of cost! 


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