iPhone 14 Release Date And Rumors

Check out the latest iPhone 14 Rumours and Gossips regarding its release date below!

iPhone 13 in Brief

While iPhone 13 is still relatively new in the market, there has been a lot of anticipation for the iPhone 14 already. iPhone 13 was a hit and a miss. One of the major problems people had was the fact that it was missing USB-C connectivity. It has been the case with iPhones ever since 2012 that you cannot use any other charger to charge your device other than the specific charger provider to you, not even a charger from other Apple mobile devices. People were also not happy with the fact that the developers didn’t come up with an in-screen fingerprint reader. While Face ID works great more often than not, it was important to come up with an in-screen fingerprint reader, especially during the pandemic. People have to wear a mask when they are outside and Face ID finds it hard to recognise the person. Other than that, the iPhone 13 worked well for its users. 

iphone 14 release date

iPhone 14 Release Date Rumours

As far as iPhone 14 goes, the release date is far ahead of us. It is expected to come out in September 2022, as we have seen from other versions of iPhones as well. But the bigger thing to address is that it is expected to come up with quite a few changes. 

One of these changes to be brought upon the iPhone 14 is dealing with the notch-less display. It is rumoured that the future model in the iPhone franchise is not going to feature a notch at all. Many people want the notch to be eliminated from iPhones. With iPhone 14, Apple has decided to grant the wish of such people. A full-screen display is going to allow people to enjoy their viewing experience at its best level. 


As far as the cost goes, iPhone 14 is going to start somewhere around $899 with its basic version. It is going to be a level about iPhone 13, which is starting from $799. There are rumours that iPhone 14 isn’t coming out with any mini version at all. This is the reason why it is going to start at a bigger price. So it will be a larger 6.7-inch iPhone which is going to start for $899. It means that the iPhone pro is going to cost somewhere around $999 and iPhone 14 pro max will be priced at $1099 or more. These are the first few details that have come out regarding iPhone 14. 

One of the reasons why Apple has dropped plans for the iPhone 14 mini is the poor sale of the iPhone 12 mini. The developers had decided last year that they wouldn’t be featuring the mini version of their device starting from September 2022. The regular size of the iPhone 14 is expected to be around 6.1 inches. This has been one of the major concerns for the developers since most customers demand a bigger size of phone. The iPhone pro and pro max versions are going to feature an even bigger size of the device. 


As far as the looks go, iPhone 14 is going to look like a fusion between iPhone 12 and iPhone 4 as per early reports. So there are huge chances that the developers are going to stick with the flat edges. But there’s a catch regarding these flat edges. These will feature a mute button along with a group of rounded buttons meant to deal with the volume on the device. The sides are going to be built from titanium which is considered to be a durable material. The back of the device is going to retain the glass finish. 


The camera for iPhone 14 is going to see a massive change as well. It is the trio of rear cameras that is going to come with a sit flush at the back. There are huge chances that periscope lens technology is introduced into the system as well. It will be able to zoom up to 10x thus allowing users to enjoy camera quality of the highest standards. This technology has been already adopted by many technological giants in recent times and we can expect the same from Apple when they release iPhone 14 next year. 

The devices are also supposed to come with car crash detection features. So it will automatically dial emergency services to get help even if it’s a minor accident. Sensors like accelerometers are going to be used to detect car accidents. Other than this, WiFi 6E and 2TB storage can also be expected from iPhone 14. 

Concluding: iPhone 14 Rumours

If we go by these rumours, it is easy to assume that Apple is going all out with its services. Since the previous versions have not been able to fully satisfy its users, Apple is going to try and correct all its wrongs in the past few years. If they get it right, iPhone 14 is sure to make a lot of noise in the marketplace! 

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