YouTube++ IPA Download for iOS (Official App 2023)

Download YouTube++ IPA for iOS devices!

Name YouTube++
Package IPA
iOS Version 13.15.7
App Version
Size 103 MB
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
Updated 2021


Note: Installation instructions are below.

About YouTube++ Tweak

YouTube is considered to be one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe. It has got a lot to do with how almost all content creators make their content on YouTube. This is the day and age where people want to stream as much content as possible and with the help of YouTube, they can get exactly what they want. It’s easier to catch up on anything on YouTube. Suppose if you missed out on your favorite match as you were busy with your work. Now if you want to know what went in that match, you will have to check its highlights. There are all the changes in the world that you will prefer YouTube to watch the highlights as the chances are higher than the platform will feature multiple videos of highlights from the platform. 

youtube++ i

If we talk about some of the most anticipated movies and TV shows, they start their marketing campaign through YouTube itself. Any show or movie, irrespective of the fact if it’s going to release on digital platforms or theatres, will release its teaser or trailer on YouTube. If the teaser and trailer make their mark, it is sure to hype up the film or TV series to a great extent. Although there are several benefits of using YouTube, you would want certain things to change about it. You might not enjoy a couple of things regarding YouTube which is why you should prefer the modded version of this application. 

YouTube++ can best be described as a tweak for YouTube that is sure to add a lot of fun to your YouTube experience. There are many exciting features onboard on YouTube++ which makes it a great use for all its users. It’s a step ahead of the normal version of YouTube. 

Download & Install YouTube++ Through AltStore 

One of the ways to get this tweak on your device is through AltStore. Let’s look at the step by step guide which will give a better analysis to you:- 

  1. First of all, you have to download AltStore to your computer and device. There are various other trusted sources where you can download this application to your device. 
  2. Once you have installed AltStore, it’s time to download YouTube++ to your phone. It’s going to be as simple as downloading and installing AltStore. 
  3. After successfully getting done with the first two steps, you have to open AltStore on your device. When you open it, you are going to see many options on its home page. You have to click on the “My Apps” tab. 
  4. Tap on the “+” icon that is somewhere on the top of the screen. It will give you a list of downloaded items with Safari. You have to tap on “YouTube++” that you must have downloaded earlier. 
  5. Click on it and the installation process is going to begin. Once the installation is done, it is going to be available on the “My Apps” tab. 

Download & Install YouTube++ Through Cydia 

Cydia is considered the most popular platform to download and install modded apps and tweaks on a jailbroken iOS. Here’s a step by step guide that will allow you to install YouTube++ comfortably and safely with the help of Cydia:- 

  1. First of all, you have to download Cydia to your phone. 
  2. Open the Cydia application on your device. 
  3. You have to enter the sources tab on Cydia. 
  4. Click on the edit option once you have gone into the sources tab. You will be required to click on “Add” to proceed further in the process. 
  5. You have to enter the Cydia repo ““. 
  6. Now you will be required to refresh the application. As you do so, you can search for YouTube++ on it. 
  7. The installation process will be quite simple as you just have to follow the instructions here. 

You can download & install YouTube++, either way, depending upon if you have jailbroken your device or not. If you have jailbroken your phone, you should be using Cydia as it is the safest option for jailbroken devices. If you haven’t, you can use AltStore to get the job done. 

Features Of YouTube++ 

  1. You have the chance to play audio in the background as well. Isn’t this one of the major problems with YouTube? There are times when you want to run music on YouTube but there’s no way you can run it in the background. It does a couple of things. One, it can drain your battery far too quickly. Second, you cannot do anything else on your iOS device other than using YouTube. With YouTube++, you get the chance to do something else on your device. Even if you don’t want to do anything else, you can press the power button and have a soothing experience of the audio. 
  2. YouTube++ is going to allow you to download and save videos to your camera roll. Are there any particular videos that you love to watch on YouTube from time to time? We can understand if you want to download it to your phone and have a permanent place for it. But when you use the normal version of YouTube and download such videos, they stick there for a maximum period of 30 days. It will be removed from the downloads after that period and you will have to re-download the video all over again. YouTube++ saves you from such trouble as it allows you to download the videos permanently to your phone. 
  3. You get the feature of auto-replays as well. Now when you’re using a standard YouTube application, you will see that videos cannot be played all over again automatically. You have to do it manually if you want to watch it again. But if you would like to see any video on loop, the whole process can get a bit jarring. With YouTube++, you get the chance to watch videos on loop automatically. 
  4. You also have the chance to set a default quality of videos. There are occasions where you like to watch videos for less data. But there are other times too when you have got plenty of data available and you just want to use it at any given cost. Depending upon your case, you can set the default quality of videos. All the videos that you watch after setting the quality are going to play in the same quality as you want from it. A lot of it will depend upon your data connection as well. 
  5. YouTube++ is going to disable the age restriction. The whole 18+ thing is a good initiative on part of YouTube to a great extent but it applies to certain videos which barely have 18+ elements. If someone is a teenager, it restricts the number of videos he can go through on YouTube. With the help of YouTube++, such restrictions are going to be uplifted. 
  6. YouTube++ is also going to make sure that you watch videos in high definition quality. It doesn’t matter if you’re using cellular data or WiFi, you can have access to HD videos as long as your internet connection is capable of it. Some people prefer videos to be watched at the highest level of quality. This platform is going to ensure the same. 
  7. It will allow you to block all sorts of advertisements. Now the thing with ads on YouTube is that it is going to arrive all the time on the platform. If a video is popular and trending, it is bound to come with a series of ads dropping before, during or after the video. With YouTube++, you wouldn’t have to watch any of these advertisements. You can jump straight into the content without worrying about all such things beforehand. 


Q1: Can YouTube++ IPA be used on Android phones as well? 

No, this application is meant only for iOS. As far as Android phones are concerned, you will get certain other modded versions of YouTube instead. 

Q2: Is it easy to download and install YouTube++ IPA on my phone? 

You have to define if your device is jailbroken or not. If you haven’t jailbroken your device, you can use an option such as AltStore. But in case you have jailbroken your phone, you can go for Cydia instead. 

Q3: What are the benefits of using YouTube++ IPA on iOS? 

There are certain benefits that you wouldn’t be getting on the normal version of this app. You can block ads on your device, enable playback option, and watch videos in HD quality with the help of YouTube++. 

Conclusion: YouTube ++ Repo Download for iPhone & iPad

To use YouTube without any restrictions, you need to download and install YouTube++ on your device. There are several features available through this tweak of YouTube. The fact that you can block all kinds of advertisements would mean that you can see videos without any interruptions. It will also disable age restrictions which means that you can watch anything on the platform. Other features include conversion of audio into video, saving videos to your camera roll, and much more! 

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