Top Reasons Why iPhone Sucks (Unbiased Review)

Let’s check a few fair points and reasons why iPhone sucks!

The iPhone is one of the most hyped devices produced by Apple. As you would know, it has a huge market and the anticipation for new versions of the iPhone is always top-notch. No other mobile device is remotely close in terms of popularity. But is the iPhone worth all the hype? When you look at things overall, it’s not worth all the fame that it has gotten in the marketplace. When you compare it with other devices, you can see several reasons why it sucks. Let’s look at these reasons!

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Why iPhone Sucks?

  • Phone Cost 

Let’s be honest here, the cost of an iPhone is quite huge. A normal person wouldn’t be able to afford this cost. It hasn’t been the case recently, you will see that the cost of an iPhone has been high forever. It’s not like you’re not going to get some good features from some other smartphones out there. So this price might be too much for the cause. 

  • Restricted Use 

When you use an iPhone, it might give you a luxurious feel. It might even help you stand out from the rest of the bunch out there. But since there are very few people who have got access to an iPhone, it would restrict your connectivity to a great extent. An iPhone wouldn’t be able to connect with an Android device through Bluetooth or any other medium. Since it has very restricted use and accessibility, you should try to use an Android device which gives you larger flexibility in terms of use. 

  • Limited Cable 

One of the other things to consider regarding a device is the USB cable. To charge a device, you will have to use a USB cable. Now when you and your entire family is using an Android device, you will find that a single USB cable can charge the phones of everyone. But if someone is having an iPhone with him, it will become impossible to charge it through any other medium other than the USB cable meant for the iPhone. Even the accessories of a single iPhone might need different chargers. 

  • File Transfer 

When you transfer files on an Android phone, the process is smooth. You always have an option to use Bluetooth to share files between two Android phones. With time, new applications have been developed that allow you to share files between two devices comfortably. Even if you want to send files from an Android phone to a computer, it is a very simple task. You just have to drag and drop the file onto the system. If you want to transfer files from an iPhone to your computer, you will have to use iTunes first. It means that you will have to install iTunes on your PC before transferring the files. This can be a long process. 

  • External Memory 

One of the greatest disadvantages associated with an iPhone is that it doesn’t come with external storage. In case the internal storage of your device is full, you don’t have a choice but to delete some files to save some data on the device. The case with an Android device is far different. Even if the internal storage of a device is limited, you have a chance to install an SD card on it to store more data. 

  • Media Support 

The audio output of the iPhone is not acceptable to a great extent. You will see that the media support for an iPhone is quite limited. You would need different video formats to work on different kinds of media files but they are very restricted in the case of an iPhone. So if you have downloaded a video file from the internet, you have to make sure that the file is converted into an MP4 version first before you start using it. 

  • Less Innovation 

Another fact to be considered regarding iPhones is that there’s little to no innovation with its updates. You will see a new iPhone device launching every year with a charged up price. But how many of them prove to be different from their predecessors for the better? You can compare it with the changes that have been brought to Android devices over some time. The innovation is top-notch from fingerprint sensors to the overall look of the device. But when it comes to an iPhone, it is very low on innovation. 

  • Customization 

Another irritating thing about the iPhone is how hard it is to customize in the first place. This is the major reason why most iPhone users try to jailbreak their device as it gives them a greater chance of customizing their devices freely. 

Concluding: Why is iPhone not Good?

We have given you various reasons why the iPhone sucks. If you have got plenty of money available with you, use it for other purposes. It’s only a waste of your money to buy an iPhone for a huge price that comes with a limited bunch of features! 

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