GBA4iOS Emulator Download for iPhone/iPad (Official App)

Download GBA4iOS for your iPhone and iPad.

Name GBA4iOS
Package .plist
iOS Version 14
App Version
Size KBs
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
Updated 2022


In this section, we will focus on ways to download GBA4iOS.

  • Download the Emus4udownload app on your device.
  • Open the app.
  • Search for GBA4iOS in the search bar.
  • Tap the result, the App page will load.
  • Tap on install and wait for the app to load.
  • GBA4iOS will take a couple of minutes to load.

What is GBA4ios?

It is one of the most popular apps developed in the world. It is one of the best methods used to install Gameboy binges on your iOS system. Most of us have installed emulator apps from the jailbreak store.

But, not all people want to be jailbroken. Cyndia isn’t so freely available. Besides, you can easily install the app on your system to play as and when you want.

GBA4iOS download ipa

Is GBA4ios safe to play?

Yes, the GBA Emulator iOS developer earned a reputation in the industry and takes pride in his work. The developer has declared that it is safe to use and can work without Cydia. So, there is no need for root access. We placed the GBA emulator through a stringent test and found it is safe.

As GBA4ios is an emulator app, it gives you a free hand to download GBA games on your system. It is an external app called Emus4u, which is more than an emulator. With GBA Emulator iOS installation, you can download more than 2000 games and apps.

While some are modified stock apps available for free, others are official paid apps to use for free.

Installing GBA4iOS on iOS

Now that you learned about the best GBA Emulator iOS app, you need to learn what you need to run GBA on Android and iOS systems. One of the things that you need to run GBA on the iOS system is a GBA emulator. It is because the GBA emulator brings the Game Boy Advance gaming experience to your gizmo.

GBA emulator iOS doesn’t only boost your gaming console. But, it does more than that. It is not only iOS but Android emulators that are also present on PC’s OS systems. Game Boy Advance emulators don’t come with games, which means that you need a copy of the game to play.

GBA ROMs give leave to the cartridges. You need to save a ROM copy on your smartphone and play when you want. A couple of online sites offer GBA ROMs for free.

How can you use a GBA Emulator?

The Nintendo Game Boy Advance used to be one of the most well-liked gaming consoles. It went through improvements across multiple Game Boy and GameBoy colors. With GBAEmulator iOS, you can finally pack, you can pack a full-color and back-lit game on a sleek and ergonomic device.

Gaming got more advanced. Still, the best games of the GBA emulator remain among the favorites of many. It is why many software or emulators let you play games on a specific system.

How can you download an Emulator?

  • Go to the AltStore website on your PC. Download Altserver on your device and select the download button for Windows.
  • Tap on the AltServer installer to open the link. Follow the instructions to continue the process.

The AltServer window

The AltServer window

  • It is better if you’ve got iCloud and iTunes installed on your device. Open the AltServer app on your system. Grant access to the app through the Firewall (if prompted). It takes you one step closer to downloading GBAEmulator iOS.
  • Find the Apple folder installed through iCloud or iTunes. You can find it C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Apple.
  • Connect your iOS device via USB to your laptop or desktop. Be mindful enough to select to trust your device if prompted.
  • Select the device icon to open iTunes and enable Wi-Fi Sync.
  • Select Summary and scroll down to options.

Enable Wi-fi Sync

Enable Wi-fi Sync

  • Head on to the Taskbar of your PC.
  • You’ll find the Altserver icon.
  • It looks like the grey outline of the icon.
  • If you can’t find it, you can look under the hidden icon.

  • Select it and go to Install Altstore. Downloading GBAEmulator iOS needs you to load a RAM file.
  • Choose the name of your device.

Install Altstore on iOS

Enter your AppleId name and password.

  • A window pops up that says your PC app is getting installed.

How can you download GBA games?

See whether the Delta app opens on your iOS device or not. If you want to play emulator games, you need to download ROM. It is a file that gets displayed on the emulator software.

  • Go to Safari on your iOS device.
  • Head on to a ROM site, and you will find the game you want to apply for.
  • Select the GBA Emulator iOS download button on the ROM page.
  • Select to confirm the file Download.

The top right corner of Safari OS has a blue download button. Once you’re done with the ROM downloads, you can move back to the Delta App.

RAM Downloads

  • Tap on the Purple plus icon in the top-right corner of the Delta window.
  • Click on Files.

ROM should appear under Recent. But, you can go to Browse and look for the Downloads folder.

  • Tap on the RAM file. It will load into Delta.

The GBAEmulator iOS loads the game.

Once it gets loaded, tap on the ROM. The emulator will start playing the game you have chosen.

After the GBAEmulator iOS download takes place, it becomes easy to play your GBA games. Use the on-screen controls. It is worth noting that the emulator works fine as long as you download it from an authenticated resource. Enter cheat codes to load and download the game.

Press the Menu button on the bottom left of the screen.

If you play a different game supported by Delta, you can choose the icon menu from the Menu button in the bottom left portion of the screen. Change the controller option to make the game playing a breeze.

The GBA downloader is great not only as you upload and play hundreds of games. You can play it anytime and anywhere.

Playing a fav vintage game is a childhood nostalgia for many. It reminisces its sentimental value for a priceless gaming experience. Is there a Game Boy Advance video game that you crave? Do you love playing Pokemon Silver or Pokemon Platinum? Is it a Polemon Pearl or Diamond?

Do you like Legend of Zelda or Super Mario? You can enjoy childhood memories with today’s Game Boy (GBA Emulator iOS) or the older Game Boy version on the iOS system. With the latest bug fixes, app developers created seamless and latest GBA emulators for iPhone and Mac users.

How can you collect a GBA ROM?

There are two ways by which you can get free GBA ROM for your computer. If you want to go for the legal way, you can start with the cartridges you own. But, you need the technical whereabouts and work on the right equipment. Otherwise, it might not be the most practical way to get a free GBA emulator iOS.

ROM backups need you to do a lot of work.

The other place from which you can collect the GBA emulator Android/iOS is a third party. You can find a lot of GBA ROMs online, but you need to type and search for the game you want to download.

It is one of the easiest ways to get a GBA emulator, but it’s not the right way to do so. Due to ethical concerns related to the matter, we can’t share with you the name from where you can download GBA ROMs.

How can you play games with the GBA emulator iOS?

Many of us miss playing Nintendo classics on consoles. If you want to play, you can try out a GBA emulator. Once you learn about the GBA ROMs and types of emulators, you need to start playing games. Here, we will show you how you can play games with GBA emulator iOS.

  • Some emulators extract ROM from your storage when you run them. Else, you can manually locate the Emulator app yourself.
  • You may or may not be easy with the size of the GBA emulator. Go to your emulator’s settings to modify it.
  • Find control remap from the settings.
  • Go to the ROM’s library and start playing.
  • If you don’t want to start from level one each time, you need to save the progress of the game.
  • While some GBA emulators iOS have auto-saving features, others don’t have it. We would say that it is better to save your game manually.

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