TikTok++ IPA Download for iOS 2024 (iPhone/iPad)

Download TikTok IPA Latest Version for iOS Devices!

Name TikTok++
Package IPA
iOS Version 26.9.0
Developer ByteDance
Size 177 MB
  • iPhone
  • iPad
Updated 2023

TikTok++ IPA Download

Download TikTok++ IPA


In the current day and age, short videos have become a trend out of nowhere. People have started liking the short-video format a lot because you can excitingly make such videos. A platform like TikTok IPA makes it possible to make quality short videos. You can edit photos and videos in various ways and post them online. The best part is that TikTok IPA gives you a worldwide reach. So you can make videos and upload them to your profile. The videos can be accessed by people from across the world, giving you a global reach in the process. 

Features Of TikTok IPA 

If you download TikTok++ IPA specifically, you will get the following features on it: 

  • If you want to get a clean viewing experience, you can get rid of all interface buttons and options that appear on your screen. It can deter your viewing experience to a great extent, but you cannot hide them in the normal version of TikTok. Only the TikTok++ IPA version gives you such freedom. 
  • You can also view the date of the posts through TikTok++ IPA. There are times when you want to go back in time and see your video edits. When you get to know the date of your posts, it will be easy to call back in time and get details about some lovely memories of the past. 
  • You also get one tap download option on videos. So if you like watching the videos of a particular creator, you can just download it and it will be available for an offline experience as well. 
  • If you like organizing your videos, you can do so through TikTok++ IPA. So no matter if you want to do it in ascending or descending order, it will very much be a possibility as per your desires. 

How to Install TikTok++ IPA on your iPhone and iPad

As you can assume on your own, this application won’t be available on your official app store. Here are the steps that you can follow to use this application on your device: 

  • First of all, you need to download the TikTok++ IPA file. We have given the link to you here below. 
  • It will take some time before the download is completed. Once it’s done, you can copy or move the downloaded IPA file to your Apple device where you want to install it.
  • Now you need to move to your computer. You have to open AltServer there. 
  • In case you don’t have the application already available on your PC, you can download it from the link we have provided here below. 
  • Once AltServer is ready for use, you can connect your PC to your mobile phone. 
  • Click on AltServer and then you have to click on AltServer Install. Lastly, select your device to complete the process. 
  • In the next window, you will be required to enter your Apple ID & password. Fill in the credentials to move further in the process. 
  • Once your details are filled in, you can click on the install button. You will be asked to install the AltServer Mail Plugin. Go ahead and install the same. 
  • Now open the mail app on your Mac. You have to enter “Manage Plug-ins” and enable AltPlugin. mail bundle. Click on the ‘Apply and Restart Mail‘ button. 
  • You have to repeat the process by going to AltServer, installing AltServer, and selecting your device. It will be available on your iOS phone. 
  • Make a few changes to the iOS settings by going to VPN & device management. You have to click on your Apple ID under the Developer app. 
  • Open the AltStore application now and click on “My apps”. Now you have to tap on the “+” sign and select your preferred IPA file. You can get the TikTok++ file here.
  • You will again be asked to fill in your Apple ID & password details. Fill in the details and proceed. The IPA file you selected will now be installed on your device. 


Q1: Is it difficult to install TikTok IPA++ on your device? 

It is generally not very difficult to get it successfully installed. You just need to follow the entire procedure safely. Take each step into consideration in a careful manner as it is a long process. We have given out each step in detail here. 

Q2: Will there be any advertisement interruptions while using TikTok IPA? 

No, there will be no advertisement interruptions while using this application. Once it has been installed successfully on your device, you can use it as per your own will. 

Q3: Is there any expiry period for TikTok++ IPA? 

You will have to look for updates from time to time. But generally, there’s no expiry period for TikTok++ IPA. However, you should update it from time to time. 

Conclusion: Download Tiktok++ iPA for iOS

TikTok is a great application that’s meant to provide you with some solid fun. If you download and install its IPA version successfully, it is going to provide you with some amazing benefits! 

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